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Categories: Construction, Legal, Health Care

Best of Queens Guide

We are proud to present the best of the best in our beloved Queens County. We strive to bring you the best lawyers to service you, the top doctors to treat you, the most professional home improvement contractors and yeah, you get the point. Our 5-point screening method is based on real client testimonials, product price, quality, background checks and customer service after the sale. We invite you to browse the local businesses that you can trust and that are all located right in your backyard (Queens).
Categories: Construction, Legal, Health Care
Bonded: Yes
Business Type : Plumbing, Heating and Air
Business Type : Remodeling/Renovation
Business Type : Residential
Business Type : Roofing and Siding
Business Type : Architectural and Engineering
Business Type : Windows and Doors
Business Type : Commercial
Business Type : Construction Company
Business Type : Contractor
Business Type : Developer
Business Type : Drywall and Insulation
Business Type : Electrical
Business Type : Framing
Business Type : General
Business Type : Masonry and Concrete
Business Type : Materials, Equipment and Supplies
Business Type : Other
Free Estimates: Yes
Insured: Yes
Licensed: Yes
Accepted Payment: AMEX
Accepted Payment: Cash
Accepted Payment: Check
Accepted Payment: Discover
Cost of Services: $
Cost of Services: $$
Cost of Services: $$$
Cost of Services: $$$$
Free Consultation: Yes
Legal Type: Civil and Consumer Rights
Legal Type: Contract and Real Estate
Legal Type: Corporate
Legal Type: Court Reporting
Legal Type: Criminal and DUI
Legal Type: Divorce and Family
Legal Type: Environmental
Legal Type: Financial, Trust and Estate
Legal Type: Government
Legal Type: Immigration
Legal Type: Lawyer
Legal Type: Malpractice
Legal Type: Accident, Injury and Death
Legal Type: Mediators
Legal Type: Bail Bonds
Legal Type: Notaries
Legal Type: Bankruptcy
Legal Type: Other
Legal Type: Business and Employment
Health Care
Business Type: Dentistry and Orthodontics
Business Type: Doctors, Clinics and Medical Center
Business Type: Family Planning
Business Type: Home Health Care
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By phone: (516) 554-8771


Best of Queens Guide

75-25 141 Place
Flushing NY 11367
(516) 554-8771

Best of Queens Guide — Construction, Legal, Health Care — Flushing

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